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Ekaterina Alexandrova, queen of Limoges for the third time ! 
The Russian played perfectly to defeat Aliaksandra Sasnovich, in a final that she dominated from start to finish.  This was her first WTA tittle of this season and her third in Limoges.  Bravo Ekaterina !

I spent an excellent afternoon on wednesday 18th at Beaublanc and was able to get some good shots of her during her match with Monika Nicolescu.  

Interesting also to watch Pauline Parmentier thrashing second seed Caroline Garcia in straight sets. 

2019/12 Limoges tennis Open

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In late november I attended several concerts of the Jazz fesival "Eclats d'Email" in Limoges as a member of the collective PhotoLim87 which was accredited photographer for the series.  Wonderful opportunity to photograph musicians on stage and to hear some splendid jazz.   

Saturday16 novembre : Quartet Uriel Herman at the Opéra Limoges

Thursday 21 novembre : Trio Lorenzo Naccarato at the Théâtre de l'Union, Limoges

Thursday 21 novembre 23h : Kicca at Club/Restaurant l'Ambassade in Limoges

Friday 22 novembre : Brad Mehldau at the Opéra Limoges - no photos, the artist's managers insisted on their rights to all images of the artist 

Saturday 23 novembre 15h : Duo Abozekry at the BFM

Saturday 23 novembre 20h : Dhafer Joussef at the Opéra de Limoges

...and my favourite concert ?   Trio Lorenzo Naccarato, truly wonderful ! 


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Link to the festival programme : Programme


An outing with friends from PhotoLim87 to the valley of the apes near Poitiers.  The weather forecast was terrible leading up to the ddate and the day itself started with torrential rain about the time we needed to leave.  However, always optimistic, we set off nayway and, in the end, the day was really pleasant apart from a thundertorm at around 4pm.  We were even able to eat outside at lunchtime. 

The big apes are separated from the public by water filled ditches, so no bars or wire fences and the smaller monkeys are free to wander in the woods among the visitors.  An arrangement ideal for photographers. 

Vallée des Singes

A week in the Pyrénées with a dozen photographer friends in june 2019.  We stayed in two gites in Arcizans Avant, each day we breakfasted at 7h30, prepared a sandwich for lunch and headed for the mountains no later than 8h for example : cirque d'Estaubé, Gavarnie, Pont d'Espagne and the lac de Gaube, Ste Engrace for the cave de la Verna and after, the Brèche de Roland etc etc.  The weather was kind to us, not too hot for the climbs.  Each evening, a fine meal in a good restaurant. 

A week of hiking, of wonderful scenery, of photography and good company.

Pyrenees 2019

July 2019 at the educational farm owned by friends Eric and Nanie Cottineau at Châteauneuf-la-Forêt in Limousin with a group of 7 friends.  On offer : multiple acres of meadow, the animal enclosures and the banks of a river - all teeming with insects and wild flowers.  Equipped with a 200mm lens for the timid creatures and a 100mm macro for the true macro shots, I passed a gorgeous day grovelling in the grass under a friendly sun - not too hot.  At lunchtime we ate local products and drank good wine under a large lime tree.   An event to repeat.

Journée macro/proxi à la ferme


Intro english

sud ouest 2749

I started taking photographs at the age of 10, learning by my mistakes, and now, in retirement, I can at last dedicate the time I would like to my passion for photography.

In the countryside I'm inspired by the beauty of nature all around me here in Limousin and Dordogne : landscapes, yes, but principally the details, a leaf, an insect or even a still life composition.  In town architecture provides interesting subjects, but the most fascinating subjects are my fellow citizens, especially when captured in candid street photos, often in black and white.

David Keast 2016


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