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2017/12 Christmas lights in Limoges

On the 21st december 2017 around 17h two friends and I set off for Limoges despite a light drizzle.  Happily it did not rain much and we spent a pleasant evening taking night shots of the streets and squares of Limoges. 
Around 20h we made for the Place de la République and the Christmas night market for something to eat and drink and there we were warmly welcomed by two charming ladies running an Alsace food and drink stall (mulled wine, pretzels etc) where we were offered refreshments in exchange for photos of their stall and customers.  Excellent !!!



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I started taking photographs at the age of 10, learning by my mistakes, and now, in retirement, I can at last dedicate the time I would like to my passion for photography.

In the countryside I'm inspired by the beauty of nature all around me here in Limousin and Dordogne : landscapes, yes, but principally the details, a leaf, an insect or even a still life composition.  In town architecture provides interesting subjects, but the most fascinating subjects are my fellow citizens, especially when captured in candid street photos, often in black and white.

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