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2019/12 Exposition à la BFM de Limoges

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J'expose avec PhotoLim87 à la BFM de Limoges à partir du 9 décembre.

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I am exhibitiing with PhotoLim87 at the library in Limoges starting 9th december

Intro english

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I started taking photographs at the age of 10, learning by my mistakes, and now, in retirement, I can at last dedicate the time I would like to my passion for photography.

In the countryside I'm inspired by the beauty of nature all around me here in Limousin and Dordogne : landscapes, yes, but principally the details, a leaf, an insect or even a still life composition.  In town architecture provides interesting subjects, but the most fascinating subjects are my fellow citizens, especially when captured in candid street photos, often in black and white.

David Keast 2016


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