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The third part of my blog about the jazz festival Eclats d'Email in Limoges November 2021.  
Yet more superb concerts and photo challenges. 



Saturday 20th was for me the end of the festival, I wanted a quiet evening on Sunday after several trips to and fro to Limoges during the previous week and a half.  It has been quite demanding because the agreement with the festival organisers is that I get unlimited acces to the concerts, but that I make some shots available the morning after a concert for use in their press releases etc.  That means staying up late to sort and process.

This evening it was the very popular, veteran jazz trumpeter Eric Trufaz at the Opéra and later, sextet Blaxbird at the Ambassade Club.

I liked Eric Trufaz even though his is not my style of jazz - this was rythmique and powerful stuff accompanied by a pianist and a percussionist with real talent.  He also played alone at one point, a lighter piece quite delicate, not at all what I expected from a jazz trumpeter. Excellent !!  In addition, the stage lighting was much better (for photographers) than during the previous concerts. 

Later that evening it was Blaxbird at the Ambassade Club : a young girl singer with huge energy accompanied by 5 musicians.  Lots of people in the club, very little space in front of the stage so it was not easy to take photos despite a badge "official photographer" except by using your elbows, something I refuse to do.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by the results, mainly taken from quite a way away with a long lens. 


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