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Once every seven years - the Ostensions Limousine. If there is an event the characterises Saint-Junien, it is these Ostensions. The first were organised in 994 AD, the church presented relics of local saints to the public in the hope of curing an epidemic.

The epidemic has gone, but the tradition continues every 7 years in a dozen Limousin towns, including Saint-Junien.

It is claimed that the Ostensions in St Junien are the biggest and best.  As well as presenting the relics of the founder saints of the town, Amand et Junien, there is a procession of 1500 historically dressed figures in front of a crowd of tens of thousands.  The route is sumptously decorated with flowers and branches representing the ancient forest of Comodoliac where lived the saints in the early middle ages.  The whole town is decorated and the inhabitants, believers or not, make it a point of honour to take part. 

The 25 july it was over 30° with terribly hard contrasty light.  However, behind the great collegial church between 14h and the start of the procession at 15h I found some shade, and found also a large number of the costumed actors  sheltering from the heat.  A perfect moment to take some photos !

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