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Every seven years the people of Limousin celebrate the Ostensions. The evening of May 20th in Aixe sur Vienne there was entertainment by traditional musicians and dancers in the town centre decorated with hundreds of pine trees and paper flowers, before the start of a huge parade at 20h30.
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LFL Academy is a school of danse, song and music in Limoges.  The weekend 6-7 May the academy presented a cabaret in the Espace Couzy in Boisseuil and, with 3 colleagues from PhotoLim87, I was asked to photograph the event for their publicity and press releases.
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During the last few days of March and the beginning of April, a few days in Italy staying with family in Reggio Emilia.  The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot - we visited Ferrara, Modena, Florence, Parme, Correggio and, of course, Reggio itself. 

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The first visit of the season 2023 to zoo Parc Reynou, near Limoges.  A fine sunny day with a bit of cloud cover, so very pleasant, and, this early in the season, very few visitors, so ideal for photography.



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During the months of décembre '22 and january '23 i am exhibiting my series "La Saison des Amours" (The mating season) at the médiatech in Ladignac.  Photos in large format of hérons and flamingoes during their season of reproduction in the Camargue. 

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