2017/07 Working horse day

The 16th july 2017 the Equestrian club "Attelage et Cavaliers du Pays de Jumilhac" organised a working horse day.  A good number of heavy horse owners and their animals took part and they also brought a large selection of agricultural machines from the "horse power" era.

Despite a very hot day, a huge number of visitors came to see the demonstrations of forestry work, ploughing and hay making etc. plus the exhibition of historic machines.  At lunchtime a "carre de Jumilhac" a huge burger made from the finest locally produced limousin beef was served along with chips and drinks.  I went to this exceptional event along with Volker Haas and Jorge Florisson from the Jumilhac photo club and, despite the very intense middle of the day sunlight which was far too strong and contrasty we were able to get some interesting shots. 

Traction animale