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The 7th July was hot, far too hot, for the mime festival in Périgueux.  However, those courageous enough to brave nearly 35°C were treated to several excellent performances.  My favourite ?  "Henry" : at Henry's funeral, his wife, his ex-wife and his mistress compete for attention, all in mime.  Also splendid, dance group "LOOK", tremendous energy and athleticism and yet always elegant. 
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This unmissable festival of street theatre opens the summer season in Limoges.  The photographic cooperative PHOTOLIM87 of which I am a member is in partnership with the festival to cover the events, so I went to Limoges with photo colleagues the evenings of wednesday 28, thursday 29 and friday 30th and saw many fine performances (and one or two less fine).
dk DSCF0276 20230625 ostensions st junien
Once every seven years - the Ostensions Limousine. If there is an event the characterises Saint-Junien, it is these Ostensions. The first were organised in 994 AD, the church presented relics of local saints to the public in the hope of curing an epidemic.
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Every seven years the people of Limousin celebrate the Ostensions. The evening of May 20th in Aixe sur Vienne there was entertainment by traditional musicians and dancers in the town centre decorated with hundreds of pine trees and paper flowers, before the start of a huge parade at 20h30.
dk 20230507 cabaret 3
LFL Academy is a school of danse, song and music in Limoges.  The weekend 6-7 May the academy presented a cabaret in the Espace Couzy in Boisseuil and, with 3 colleagues from PhotoLim87, I was asked to photograph the event for their publicity and press releases.