Photolim87 invites you from the 23 février to 10 mars 2019 at the Musée des Compagnons et Meilleurs Ouvriers de France in Limoges for the 11th édition of their collective exhibition !

I am showing my series "Hands at Work" 

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vendanges 7972In early october 2018 I went with two friends to photograph the grape harvest at Ch. La Coucharde in Entre Deux Mers.  It was a lovely day and we were able to photograph the seasonal workers in the vines in very pleasant sunshine. 

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During the summer I exhibited at Les Arts à St Paul (St Paul la Roche) in Dordogne in August, at St Laurent sur Gorre in Haute Vienne also in August and at St Pardoux Corbier in Correze in October.

carrelets 211

My photo Carrelets took second prize at St Pardoux-Corbier. 


The "course des serveuses et garçons de café", it's like life.  You need to be quick, agile, know how to stay calm and not spill anything.   Saturday 22 september 2018, 170 contestants waited for the start in the Place de la République, 60 for the local event and most of the rest for the national event.  However, sponsors and families also took part even if they igored the rules. 

Everything is carefully measured and there are penalties for every drop spilled.  Proper shoes too, trainers are allowed, but there is a hefty time penalty.  The race is over 4.4km (two circuits of a 2.2km course) and includes a lot of up and down hill work plus a few sets of steps.  The national event was won by Thomas Vieron of Duplex in Angers. Julia Brissaud of Relais Limousin won the womens prize.  A double for Cheverny of Limoges for the local event, with Tom Dugué and Tatiana Damiens.

I photographed the runnners in the Cours du Temple, in the Place Barreyrrette and mounting the steps opposite the Hotel de Ville.


"One of the most important festivals of the art of mime in Europe (the only one in France) Mimos takes place in mid summer in the streets, parks and theatres in Périgueux."

Founded in 1983, the festival Mimos covers every aspect of the arts of movement : mime, gesture, dance, circus, marionnettes...

As in 2017 I went to Périgueux with some friends from the Jumilhac photo club on 24 juillet.  It was VERY hot, over 35° and the light was very harsh and strong, but the performances were superb, some moving, some amusing - all in all a very enjoyable day.



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