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The second part of my blog about the jazz festival Eclats d'Email in Limoges november 2021.  
A wonderful opportunity for photography and superb music.   
dk 20211113 8717 eclats demail
The jazz festival Eclats d'Email restarted in Limoges in November 2021 after two years - the 2020 edition was cacelled due to COVID.
wonderful photo opportunity and superb music !
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A visit to the Zoo Parc Reynou at Le Vigen (87) with members of the photo club at the begining of october 2021.  It was a fine day so we were able to spend the whole afternoon outdoors photographing the numerous animals and birds. .
dk 20211023 8296 la jonchere
A visit to the arboretum La Jonchère in Haute Vienne with several friends.  La Jonchère is mainly known for conifers, for example, the biggest Sequoia in France.  
dk 20210907 7345 teich
A visit to the ornithological reserve Teich (Arcachon basin) with two friends.  It was VERY hot (37°) and humid too but we were able to see and photograph many different birds - some rare.  We spent two days at the reserve, evenings in a hotel and meals in local restaurants including an oyster bar.