As part of the "OFF" of the l'expo 2020 of PhotoLim I am showing 2 séries of photos at the brasserie Relais du Limousin in Limoges from 29 février 2020.

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I am exhibitiing with PhotoLim87 at the library in Limoges starting 9th december

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dk 20191218 0525 limoges openEkaterina Alexandrova, queen of Limoges for the third time ! 
The Russian played perfectly to defeat Aliaksandra Sasnovich, in a final that she dominated from start to finish.  This was her first WTA tittle of this season and her third in Limoges.  Bravo Ekaterina !

I spent an excellent afternoon on wednesday 18th at Beaublanc and was able to get some good shots of her during her match with Monika Nicolescu.  

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dk 20191116 9458 uriel hermanIn late november I attended several concerts of the Jazz fesival "Eclats d'Email" in Limoges as a member of the collective PhotoLim87 which was accredited photographer for the series.  Wonderful opportunity to photograph musicians on stage and to hear some splendid jazz.   

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oradour 8807In october 2019 I visited the "Village Martyr", Oradour sur Glane, near Limoges in central France, with a group of friends.  The weather was fine, not too hot with good light for photography.  We spent around 2 hours in the ruined village itself, then left for the new village for lunch and sober reflection.

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