Vendanges à Ch. La Coucharde, septembre 2016

In september, we visited château La Coucharde in the "entre-deux-mers" region with the photo club OPPV to take part (photographically) in the 2016 harvest.  The light was not wonderful when we first arrived in the mid morning but by lunchtime we had reasonable autumn light which enabled us to take some good shots.

We were very well received by the proprietors, Monsieur Bielle Navarre, his son and their wives, who laid on a splendid harvest lunch for us.  Their vintage '95 is exceptional !!  Once again our grateful thanks. 

The day ended with a group photo of the whole crew among the vines and by loading our cars with quite a few cases of château La Coucharde...

Circuit des Remparts, Angoulême, septembre 2016

Frog eyes
Je voudrai celle là
Panther DeVille
Pret à partir

Last year, 2015, I didn't go to Angoumême for the Circuit des Remparts because the weather forecast was terrible.  This year my friend Volker and I did go : meeting at 11h in front of the Mairie then a rapid visit to the paddock where we could get close up to the cars.  Next lunch in a town-centre café.  The day was fine and warm, lots of interesting photos waiting to be taken !

During the afternoon we tried to photograph the racing, but it was very difficult to get good shots because it was almost impossible to time the arrival of the cars around the tight bends in the circuit.  Therefore we returned to the paddock where we could get close the cars and chat with the drivers and mechanics all afternoon - fantastic !

Plateau d'argentine 2016

ascalaphes au printemps
l'homme pendu

An outing together with the St Saud photo club to the Plateau d'Argentine at the end of may 2016 to photograph rare orchids and insects etc.  A lovely day with quite good light, but we were a bit late in the season for the best orchids, most of which were past their best.  However, with some effort we found a number of good examples to photograph and some unusual instects too.

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